Benefits of PAXX

  • PAXX is a customized device optimized for reducing the perception of your tinnitus.
  • PAXX is easy to use, and scientific research has demonstrated its efficiency in helping tinnitus patients.
  • PAXX is programmed using your personal audiometry profile.
  • PAXX is discreet and can be used in many places, not everybody needs to know.
  • PAXX is endorsed by health professionals.
  • PAXX users benefit from a one year support service.
  • PAXX comes with a one-year replacement warranty, no questions asked.

How to obtain PAXX:

Please visit the Process page to order your PAXX100 device.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I filled the form a few days ago and still have not received an answer. What should I do?
  • It can take 24 to 48 hours for your inquiry to be transfered to a specialist that will personally follow your application. Please contact us directly at if you have not received an answer within 3 business days.

  • Can I send my information by fax? By regular mail?
  • You can send us your information by fax at: +1 (514) 933-6318

    or by mail at this address: TINNITUSLAB, 2100 Marlow, suite 350, Montreal, QC, Canada, H4A 3l5

  • What forms do I need to send you to complete the eligibility check?
  • You need to complete the History and THI questionnaires. You also need to send us a recent audiometry report signed by a certified audiologist or ENT doctor.

  • I passed an hearing test three months ago, will you accept it?
  • If your hearing and health has not changed since your last hearing test, we will accept it if it is less than 12 months old.

  • I am going to pass an audiometry test, what are the requirements for PAXX?
  • We accept audiometry tests that go up to at least 8kHz. Most audiologists in the US only measure hearing loss up to 8kHz, and the customization we do is made to work well with this standard.
    If possible, ask your audiologist to do measurements up to 12kHz or 16kHz. Also ask for a tinnitus pitch match if your audiologist is able to do it.

  • Once I sent all documents, how long does it take to know if I am eligible?
  • We usually give an answer within 24 hours, but it is possible that we ask more questions before we give you a final decision.

  • What is the cost of PAXX100?
  • PAXX100 is sold for 650$. This includes the customization of the audio device based on your audiometry profile and health history, follow-ups after 3, 6, and 12 months, one year of email support, and a one year replacement warranty.

  • How does shipping work?
  • Your PAXX shipment is insured and is sent with a reliable carrier. We currently charge 29$ to ship to the United States. PAXX is usually delivered to your door within 3 to 7 business days, and a signature is required at delivery. If you live outside North America, please contact us to inquire about shipping rates and conditions.

  • Is PAXX100 available in Europe? Asia? South America?
  • PAXX100 is available in most countries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Contact us to know if PAXX is available in your country.

  • Can PAXX100 improve my hearing?
  • PAXX is a customized audio device designed to reduce the perception of tinnitus. It does not improve your hearing.

  • Has there been any cases where PAXX has increased the level of ringing or caused any damage to the user in any way?
  • Less than 8% of our users reported a slight increase in their perception of tinnitus, which may or may not be related to the use of PAXX. On the other hand, in our latest study more than 80% of our users reported a lower perception of tinnitus.

  • Can PAXX100 be used with headphones rather than earphones?
  • We provide earphones with PAXX100 that are suited for the hearing sessions. Headphones are not recommended if they mask the background noise around the user.

  • I hear pulses in my left ear, can PAXX help me?
  • If you hear pulses in your ear synchronized with your heartbeat, it may be objective tinnitus. You should consult with an ENT doctor about it. PAXX100 is designed for subjective tinnitus only.

  • Is there a return policy?
  • You can read about our return policy here.

  • Is the price of PAXX covered by my insurance company?
  • Most companies do not cover the cost of devices for tinnitus management. You can talk with you audiologist or ENT doctor to know more about what is possible to do with your insurance company.

  • I live near Montreal, can I go there to receive treatment for my tinnitus?
  • If you are willing to go to Montreal for treatment, we recommend you to contact the Montreal Tinnitus Clinic.



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Endorsed by health professionals

“ Since we started offering PAXX to our patients, we observed that 80% of them have successfully improved or become cured of their tinnitus. Hundreds of patients benefit from PAXX. ”

– Marcel Mazaltarim, Director of the Montreal Tinnitus Clinic

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Endorsed by users

“ As a construction worker, exposure to noise for so many years caused my hearing loss and my tinnitus. PAXX has been great for me. I am still using it after 9 months on an occasional base just to maintain. ”

– R. C., House Builder

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