Benefits of PAXX

The PAXX protocol is simple to follow and can complement the counselling given in your professional office.

Results proven by peer-reviewed studies about retraining therapy and auditory stimulation.

Tinnitus Laboratory is committed to research and works in collaboration with the Montreal Tinnitus Clinic.

Become an authorized PAXX provider

If you are a health professional working with patients affected by tinnitus, you can become a PAXX provider. Being an authorized provider allows you to give a better service to your patients. Enrolled professionals have direct access to Tinnitus Laboratory's specialists.

You must be a Board Certified medical professional to become an authorized provider.

Contact us to learn more about our authorized providers program at


Endorsed by health professionals

“ PAXX reduces the perception of tinnitus in most patients and significantly improves their lives. ”

– Dr. Madhavi L. Basu

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Endorsed by users

“ My tinnitus got me depressed and moody. It was putting pressure on my personal relationships. I did not think that listening to those personalized sounds would have improved my hearing so much. ”

– P. G., Electrician

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