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Dr Basu Presents Results of Clinical Study at the CAA 2010 Conference

October 7th 2010,

Dr Madhavi Basu presented at the Canadian Academy of Audiology 2010 conference today the results of a clinical study done at the Montreal Tinnitus Clinic about the effects of PAXX100 on tinnitus. In this study, where half the patients were asked to listen to PAXX100 on a daily basis, Dr Basu measured a significant improvement for users of PAXX100 compared to patients in the control group. Patients who used PAXX100 for a period of three months also had a statistically significant improvement in their quality of life.

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Tinnitus Laboratory now a member of the American Tinnitus Association

July 21th 2010,

Tinnitus Laboratory is committed to support tinnitus research and information in the United States. For this reason, we are glad to announce we have joined the American Tinnitus Association. You can learn more about the ATA on their website:

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PAXX100 ready to order

May 25th 2010,

Tinnitus Laboratory is proud to announce the release of PAXX100, a customized acoustic stimulation device for tinnitus management. The PAXX100 device is now available to order.

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“ PAXX reduces the perception of tinnitus of most patients and significantly improves their lives. ”

– Dr. Madhavi L. Basu

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“ After a rock concert, I got severe tinnitus. My ENT doctor said I had to live with it. 'No way' I said! PAXX sounds cured me of my noise trauma. ”

– S. W., Sales Representative

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