PAXX™ is an efficient and effective device for tinnitus management. It provides the latest in computerized technology available today. Everybody can order their customized acoustic enrichment device.

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Proven by research

Unlike other products, the sounds of PAXX are designed to facilitate habituation to tinnitus, not to mask it. Research has shown that habituation to tinnitus by retraining the auditory cortex reduces the perception of tinnitus.

By stimulating the frequency region corresponding to the hearing loss, we compensate for the decrease in firing rates in the auditory nerve fibers caused by hearing loss and thereby prevent the cascade of central changes (release from inhibition) that would normally lead to cortical tonotopic map reorganization.

PAXX has been used by hundreds of patients at the Montreal’s Tinnitus Clinic over the last 10 years. It is now available to order in more than 20 countries.

tinnitus management with paxx

The tinnitus management consists of three phases:

PHASE 1: Enrichment phase: daily PAXX sessions consisting of an enriched acoustical environment for 3 months.
PHASE 2: Stabilisation phase: every other day sessions of PAXX, or when needed (3 to 12 months).
PHASE 3: Maintaining phase: after these two phases, use PAXX when needed to maintain the beneficial effects.

More information is given in the user manual.

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Endorsed by health professionals

“ PAXX reduces the perception of tinnitus of most patients and significantly improves their lives. ”

– Dr. Madhavi L. Basu

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Endorsed by users

“ As a chef, in my restaurant it became impossible to work in the noise of a kitchen. My tinnitus was very loud. I used PAXX for 6 months, now I am back to work, and sometimes my tinnitus is gone for days. When it is present it seems very remote. It worked for me! ”

– S. B., Culinary Chef

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