• The American Tinnitus Association estimates that Tinnitus affects up to 250 million people worldwide.
• Data suggests it is present in at least 8 to 30% of the population.
1 to 3% are severly impacted by Tinnitus.
Tinnitus also occurs in children.

In association with the renown Montreal Tinnitus Clinic, we put together a system of evaluation and a state of the art device and personalized program available to all Tinnitus patients.

The patented technology is the fruit of years of development by our best researchers and medical staff specializing in Tinnitus and hearing loss.

PAXX™ is an efficient and effective device for tinnitus management. It provides the latest in computerized diagnostic and treatment technology for tinnitus available today. It consists in listening to a personalized signal base on your hearing profile. All interested and eligible persons in accordance with our criteria can order their custom sound enhancement device.

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paxx100 is Developed in our Canadian laboratory
and deliver worlDwide.

Everything you need to start your treatment.
  1. Generation of acoustic signal depending on your hearing profile by our specialized staff
  2. An MP3 player
  3. The instruction manual
  4. Technical support and monitoring (as required) by our specialists in the first year
  5. One year warranty on hardware (manufacturer's warranty)

Endorsed by users

“ As a chef, in my restaurant it became impossible to work in the noise of a kitchen. My tinnitus was very loud. I used PAXX for 6 months, now I am back to work, and sometimes my tinnitus is gone for days. When it is present it seems very remote. It worked for me! ”

– S. B., Culinary Chef

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Endorsed by health professionals

“ PAXX reduces the perception of tinnitus of most patients and significantly improves their lives. ”

– Dr. Madhavi L. Basu

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